Hide and Seek Map Ideas

Hello so I know how to make the game but I need ideas if you want to actually build check the wix but I just need hiding spot ideas and I want to know what I should do for the background.


Maybe you could do an ocean themed one, there is a lot of coral props in the game, and other plants, you can also make different maps maybe and you can vote on them, like a space themed one would be cool! Or a snowy one!

I think aphalt road for background but if you want you can build the sandy ocean biome

Yeah, asphalt road is one of my favorites, you could make like a highway themed one maybe, or like a neighborhood!

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check wix if you want to see the beta verison

Maybe add weapons for whichever team you want and buyable turrets!

Maybe you should do a maze along with other biomes like snowy survival.

Add closets, beds, and tables. To hide underneath and in

A large scale quantum experiment. There could be lore that would go along the lines of this:

A few months ago, there was a quantum experiment. It used lots of atoms, but somehow a reactor exploded. The atoms all chose random biomes, and the closer you get to the lab, the more random the terrain is. You could also say that the hiders are mutant lab assistants that the seeker (the lab director) must find and detain before the government catches wind of this.

you can also have places that the seekers can’t go into.

But wouldn’t all the hiders go there then and ruin the fun of hide and seek??

Like for my lore thing, still radiated parts that require a breath meter to go in. The hiders don’t have that, but the seeker does. They’d have to be small sections though.

you can have a device that limits how many players that can go into a spot. Also, you can maybe put a beach or a maze in as a biome.

But then all the hiders could go in there and the seeker can’t go in there.

Yes this would fit in with my recces brawl (the hide and seek is a part of it)

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Western theme, Maybe underwater, city?
Just an idea

you can put another device that makes them go in there only for a limited amount of time. Just like tag domination at spawn.