Hi have not said anything in forever but I have a question

Is there a way to make it so that the host can move around the map and activate stuff if he wants and at the same time if the host just wants to sit there eor play for real the stuff will activate by its self kinda like the guantlet

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messing around is very fun :>

???/No idea what ur saying but ok

Make buttons that trigger stuff and a button that teleports the game host out.

My mind is still working on how to go back in though…

What you will need to make it so only the host can do it is a life-cycle, a relay, and whatever you want that you want to only be available to host.
You wire the lifecycle to relay.
Set life cycle to listen to “game start”
Set relay to transmit message to audience “host”
Then set what you want to be available to only host(say a button), edit the button to “not active on game start”.
Then you will wire or make channel so when relay “transmits message” or “pulse through wire” the button activates but it will only be available to host.

Are you saying that you don’t know that answer?

yes yes but if the host does not want to do that then I still need it to activate but i dont want it activating 10,000 times can the traps have cooldowns?

but only for one player at a time

Use a repeater and a relay. Have the repeater’s cool down at whatever you want, then make it go through a relay with the settings “Random player”

I know people say repeaters suck but for my mind it’s just so much simpler.

Also if you want it to make it so the host can spectate you will need 2 overlays, 2 team switchers, a life cycle, a relay, and 2 wire repeaters.
You will need to make it so the overlay isn’t on when game starts.
Set both overlays to button mode.
Part 1
Set life cycle to listen for “Game Start”.
Set relay’s audience to “host”
Wire the life cycle to relay.
When life cycle triggered set relay.
Part 2
Make it so the game overlay says spectate. Also make it so the visibility and continent is only available to “team” in the “All options”.
Now wire the overlay to the game overlay (2 different devices).
When overlay set - show button
Part 3
Now use your team switcher and set team to “spectators”.
Now wire the overlay to team switcher
When button pushed - switch player to team
Part 4
Now you’ll need your second overlay. Set the overlay to say “switch back to team”.
Now wire the first overlay to second overlay.
When button pushed - show overlay
Now your wire repeater will come in hand
Wire the first overlay to the wire repeater
When button pushed -
Now wire the wire repeater to the overlay

  • hide button
    Now do the same process with the other overlay
    When button pushed - hide button
    Now wire the second overlay( the one we were just using) to the first overlay
    When button pushed - show overlay
    Final Part
    Set the team switcher to the team he was in.
    Now wire the second overlay to your second team switcher.
    When button pushed - set player to team.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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