Hi FNAF world map in progress

Hi I need help to make the fnaf world map please

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Don’t use the off-topic tag for things that are on topic to gimkit creative. It’s only used for things that are not related to gimkit creative. Returning to the question: what do you need help with in specific?

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welcome @ILIKEMEME to the forums
make sure to read the new-user-must-read and the forum-tips
the Community Made Guides are also useful to find things related to gimkit creative
also if ur gonna make the whole like place i dont know which fnaf ur making and i never played the 2nd or 3rd one and dont rlly know the layout of the 1st or 4th one
but one thing i know
if ur making the first one i recommend using Light Scraps as the floor or smth

can I help I know everything about FNaF

i want to help too! i used to have a guide book about the all fnaf games and the characters and their behavior patterns

oh I have something simillar its the fnaf books of every character and what they do in the game and a brief description of them

yeah i think it was called fnaf the freddy files

so ILIKEMEME what do you need help on your new map ?

If you want people to build stuff than I recommend going to the wix and put your Code There So People Can J0in And Help you

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dont have to ask me twice, what can i do

i think the user most likely went inactive.
id be willing to help aswell, however their last post was three months ago.

yeah probably sadly, LOOK AT MY NAME, Ive gotten a letter from scott cawthon after i sent him a letter asking if i can make a book about fnaf, i sent him a copy of it wich was just a ton of stapled pages of my book.

oof, um this was this person’s only post. don’t necropost guys.

does the link work or not, it might be blocked because my school might of made all documents privated

your the person who commented the fnaf 1 guide litteraly 1 minute ago

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that’s pretty off-topic, and, while it doesn’t work, it might not be the smartest idea to share from your school account.

Welcome to the forums,
@ebillings29 !
@GimKitmapConstructo !

(Wow, that’s a lot of newbies)


yeah i just learned about this on tuesday

does anybody agree that there should be fnaf gims for the bots or players?