Hey so I'm making a map and I want you guys to enter to test it ou-

is it ok sorry if i this not helpful but I need to test it out and reply if you want the code

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No codes allowed on the forums use the wix

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This is off-topic and is advertising. Please go to the wix to advertise.

This is also not a guide, it’s a help page.

Guys, they literally just got here, don’t flag.

Make sure you have read the FAQ and TOS


yea sorry guy I just realized that

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I didn’t get the new user popup, I thought they were a normie.

If you click their bio, it says joined 1 hour ago.

they’re first post was here

probably a mis click

happened to me once

but, welcome

ya 2 make sure you have a good time here read faq and tos

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