Hey I would like some help making a end game widget that shows Which players did a thing

So I’ve been trying to make a Easter egg in my game and I don’t know how. :frowning:

With blocks. IDK the specifics, but you need to make the triggering player a property.

The problem is that I can’t make the button trigger the property.

you need block code which im not gonna say because i’m a lazy egg.

I can’t use block coding on property.
Also I can’t block code :\

Button pressed → run block code in text: [Add players’ name to property] You DO know how to add a players name to a property, right?

What do I put block code in? I’ve been saying this for the past few posts.

One second.


you have to select block that says “triggering players name”

@ClicClac With your help I was able to publish my game thank you so much ClicClac.

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