Hey, I need help with sentries and lasers

I need help with the lasers. I don’t know if this is possible but are you able to kill sentries with lasers? If so, please tell me how.

Nah can’t do it yet

I don’t think you can.

Perhaps there’s a workaround. What are you trying to do with it?

Im trying to make a game where its like FNAF where your stuck in a room trying to survive but imm making a flash button which is connected to the lasers to kill the sentries but it only kills players so thats why im asking

yes there is one way i think.

do you know if the sentry will be on the lazer or not?

yes the sentry will be on the laser

Do you want me to change it?

no. Just whenever the lazer turns on, turn the sentry off as well.

could you like explain that more briefly? I dont understand the “Turn the sentry off” part

sure. So whatever you use to turn on the laser. COnnect it to the sentry and there should be an option to turn the sentry off or disable it or something like that,

It doesnt work. The sentry is like invisible when I start the game and it says (When player gets hit by laser sentry deactivates)

please elaborate. What do you want to do and how?

oh wait so don’t disable the sentry at the start. Hook it up to the part that activates your lazer. Suppose if I created a game where if a person pressed a button, the lazer would activate. I would also hook it up to the sentry.

The thing is the sentry wont appear in the actual game??
I dont know what to do

I know about that but when I play the game the sentry doesn"t spawn

when do you want to reactivate the sentry?

can i see your sentry settings?

the thing is its for every sentry even when the sentry has just spawned