Hey I need help figuring out something

So My friend is creating an escape room and for one of the rooms you have to put in code their are 3 counters and how do you get it so if all three are correct it will teleport you somewhere else

Are you familiar with block coding?

Im decent not great not bad

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Link each counter to a numerical property, like Digit1, Digit2, and Digit3 (which should be player scoped). Now, have a repeater constantly repeat a trigger, and create this block code for the trigger:

If Digit1 = [correctnumber] then If Digit2 = [correctnumber] then If Digit3 = [correctnumber] than broadcast message on channel "correctcode"
And place down a teleporter and make it teleport the player to it when receiving “correctcode”.

i would say use a checker and putsome questioners with private kits for each question/password and buttons make each questioner sendout on a channel that goes to the checker and link the checker to the barrier/door or prop so when all checks pass it opens

and make the button deactivate upon pressing it tho might be some bugs with that so worth a try i guess…

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this. your all amazing and have a great day

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I think there’s a guide on this too

Maybe have a a second counter and once one reaches the target then it does another counter with a target of 3 and another 3 counters that once they are one more than the it could make the single counter go down and on the single counter reaches the right number it could open a door or smth