Hey I need a thumbnail for a Mario platformer type game(artists will be credited)

any one who makes one who makes one will be mentioned!

Did you post this before? I looked at your topics and saw two topics with very similer names…

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hoping to get others but yes

Thats spam, just bump the other one…

worst comes to worst ill make one of my own

oh alr didnt know you could od that ty ill remember that for next time.

@gimmaster12345 how do you do that?

Just post on it, and say its unresolved.

oh alr tysm, sorry if i bothered u btw

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I’ll work get to work on one now.

Thank you so much!!!


What is the name of the game?

OK I will try to make one! Please just describe what sprites and background you want included!

The name of the game is gamario and you can choose the gims, and like a mario themed background

Here’s mine. Sorry my only art app that I have access to is Crome Canvas.(I am using my school computer.)

nah thats actually pretty fire i like the custom gims

lemme just uhhh @Kat_aronii
Sorry, she is awesome, She made my thumbnail which is d0pe! wait, why can’t we say d0pe?

its another world for p0t

And what’s so bad about that???