Hey I have a question

So im making this device where you put in keys and it opens the barrier, and it works for my test one, but all the other ones dont work, anyone know why?

Could you send the devices and their settings so we can see how it works?

Screenshot 2024-04-29 9.04.10 AM

you press the button and if you have enough keys it gets rid of barrier

ah, can i see just the checker’s settings?

this example works, all the others are set up the same way, and dont work, hold on

So does that button run the channel “runCheck” when pressed?

You could do separate barriers for each key.

Are all the checkers activating on the same channel, if so change that

idk why it doesnt work the pictur ei sent does work but the ones actually part of the map dont.

Can i see the ones in the map then?

alr ill check real quick

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Is that button wired to the checker to run the check? Or do you use channels?

i use channels for the button

Screenshot 2024-04-29 9.11.09 AM

You’d need different channels for each check then. Try what @Crimson_Knight said.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use invisible vending machines?

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im at 90 memory i needed to save so i did this.

and im not sure how to use invisible vending machines