Hey guys i need some help

So basically I’m doing a among us vent clean mini game and i want that when after each leaf pile a seed is granted and then i want a checker to chek to see the player has 3 seeds and then it teleports them back to lobby etc how do i do this??

let me show my setup that i THOUGHT would work lol

i think this should give a better understanding of what i was thinking :smiley:

Make sure all wires go to the item granter first so AUO doesn’t screw you over.

mhm all wires to the item granter for the seeds i just need help on the checker part

you can use a property to show that once somone has cleaned on leaf pile it adds one to the property

To check if they have 3 seeds add a checker device and change its Check#1 to this:

Wire this to a teleporter and set the wire to this: Check passes ----> Teleport player here. Now all we need to add is something to trigger the checker. Add a block of code in the item granter and set it to this:
Screenshot 2023-09-05 100901
Go to the checker and set “Check when recieving on” to “trigger checker” and you’re done!

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and the checker can check if the property has three points

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Ok I will try this thanq very much!

No problemo!

It Works Thank You very much!

Uh one more thing tho when there’s multiple players it only teleports ONE of them leaving the rest stranded lol

any ways to fix this??

Use a relay.

Yeah uh ok use a relay and do what??

Wire the relay to the teleporter that teleports the players out so that everyone comes out.

yeah I did that forgot to respond it works!! I hope i can mark two solutions lol

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