Hey does anyone know a way to save on memory?

I just finnished designing my map and went to do all the devices and am at 80%… is there a way to kind of save on memory?

no repeaters for one

What do you have in your map already?

a bunch of terrain and props, and 3 device chains so i know what i need to do when i add them to the main map.

If there are lengths of walls longer than 20 tiles, change them to floors and add barriers on top of them.

Another thing is to use your eraser, and switch it to terrain. You can then see terrain underneath other terrain if you change the layer setting. You can delete the unnecessary terrain

walla take more memory than floors?

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Can you show a picture of your map? Unless you used like all the available space for your map, you shouldn’t be at 80%

They do, and even though it is +1 more memory, they can add up quickly

i cant show a picture of the whole map because oh how big it is but theres still a lot of room i could use

And thank you i will do that.

If the floor of the map is all the same, just get rid of it and change the background of the map in settings

  1. Use channels instead of wires
  2. use trigger-clocks instead of repeaters
  3. Avoid zones and sentries
  4. spam triggers for everything lol
  5. Use barriers instead of walls
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Don’t use too much props.
Keeping it minimal but still decorated and however you want it but just dont add random props that are useless.

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