Hey could I have help with making a One Piece map?

Could any of you help me with making a one-piece map???
I can’t seem to do it by mysellf…

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I have never watched the show so I have no idea, maybe look up a map of one piece and copy it down onto gimkit creative?

We can’t help you directly, as you can’t share game codes, but we can help you with the mechanics!

What is the hardest aspect of it you’re having trouble on?

Like One Piece is about pirates beating up other pirates but I cannot figure out how to make other pirates, make a ship, or make any weapon that actually is realistic besides a gun.

If @Bobthebuilder123 is talking about the actual map, then yeah look it up, but the settings throughout the entirety of the series, then I may be able to help with it

You can’t make custom weapons, you’ll have to stick to the weapons we currently have. I would say the closest thing to a gun depends on its type, but if you want a generic mid-range one use an evil eye.

What do you mean about other pirates?

Do you just want the ship to transport you to certain areas or have it move? Moving it is pretty complicated and time-consuming to make.

You should probably wait for Don’t look Down to make realistic gravity for the ships and the closest weapon is probably a snowball launcher.

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One piece is a pirate world, for the “other” pirates, Bob could use sentries, or use a team switcher if it is multi-player

Thanks for your help I guess I’ll just do what Theaxolotl siad and just wait

No problem, if you need anymore help, tag me, the members/regulars, and/or the mods


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