Here's an article about how to enter a zone, but it ends the game:

(finished guide)
Now, for this game I’m creating:
I’m making so that if I go to this zone where the gim’s dad is sleeping, he will wake up and ultimately ends the game.
Here are the instructions:
First, I need to put the “dad” on the bed.
I need to use this button feature:

After going to layers section, I need to put the sentry in the above layer.

Now, the sentry will actually go on his bed and sleep. Have a peaceful dream!
After doing this with the sentry, it’s time to add whatever decorations you like!
Here’s my design: (and I will add more decorations later)

Now, to make that you go into Dad’s room, and opens a popup to end the game…
Here are more steps.

  1. Place a trigger(search it up on the devices section)
  2. Now, place a popup, type whatever you want the dad to say. Or you could add more popups if you would like.
    I’m doing a more advanced popup feature!
    Ok, I am going to create a starting popup where the dad says…

    And I am going to create another feature…

    Now, I will connect it with wires! You know that the call to action label is the primary call to action and the secondary call to action is
    secondary call to action label! This is helpful if you want to include the player making their own choices!
    Okay, here, I will start at this popup:

    I will then connect it to the popup that dad yelled at you for waking him up (of the popup). And, I will do the same thing for the other popup, just click it as the secondary call to action clicked.

    Let’s test it! (to make things easier, I’m using a spawn pad!)
    I’m adding it, yay!

    I started it, but why is nothing happening?
    Problem/Error: I forgot to connect a wire from pressing the trigger to the popup where the dad yells of the main popup. Oh no…but luckily we can fix it!
    Let’s do it :smiley:

    And, I will do the same thing to the other trigger! Hurray!
    After adding this, I can connect an end of game device to the both primary and secondary popups.
    Now when I press the trigger, the game ends!
    Everything works, and it’s all because of your hard work listening to the instructions! Good job, and hope you have fun in Gimkit!
    Do you like my first forum guide?
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It’s funny, informative and it teaches me something.
Really good guide for your first one :]


Good, basic guide with pictures!

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Can’t you just put down a zone, make it send out a message when entered, and when a popup recieves the message it opens? then when the popup opens it sends a message, and an end game device recieves it and ends the game…?

I feel like this has a lot of unnecessary steps that can save memory with a more simple mechanic.

  • This seems like more of a devlog than a guide.
  • It’s a lot easier if you just use what Fluffy said.
  • The title doesn’t match what the guide is about (CLICKBAIT!!!)
  • Personally, i think there are enough 3 am games X_X


Maybe, if you’re going to make a guide, make sure you have it as simplified as possible before you post it.

Also, when that mechanic is simple enough, sometimes you don’t have to make a whole guide about it.

Many mechanics are easy enough (like this one if you use the simpler method) so that you don’t have to explain step-by-step how to do it.

You don’t make guides on things that most people can just figure out themselves by tinkering around in Creative and drawing inspiration from other guides.

Making a guide on the small things will eventually eradicate the joy of innovating, of inventing new things and mechanics for beginners who want to learn the natural way- like the first Creative-ers did.


And yes, I do agree with Kosmo that there are way too many games about “____ dad at 3 am!” that aren’t high quality and just clickbait.

It’s quite clear that this is a game about that because of the dad waking up aspect (over complicated mechanics >:( )

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