Here i am again, asking for more ideas


sup guys

Can you help me out and give me some real GKC ideas? With this final update before summer, I’d better actually finish a map for once.

  • not super easy, but also not impossible
  • an actually good idea, not some cheap thing
  • doesn’t take forever to make

feed me ideas

Also don’t give me an idea-catalog cause I’ve already looked through 'em and I don’t fancy 'em.

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Medieval castle (Platformer)
Endless maze
Traps everywhere
Randomly generated side by side rooms

Generic battleground game, but every class has an extremely unique gimmick (tf2 engineer gaming, AOE effect around the user, Don’t Touch Me from L Corp., powerful gadget with dud shots) to make it unique and fun to build.

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What about a short tower defense game? Like Plants vs. Zombies or Bloons TD?

the strongest battlegrounds

im to lazy to go through all of the idea-catalog but
what if u make a maze that always changes?
but u can scatter clues around the map
(changing as the paths change. nothing is the same. u take 2 steps and the path u jst took is completely different)

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Make a Game where you collect items like bedwars and buy stuff in a shop i can teach you how to make a gui shop then make little areas with goode materials and then they can fight

That games so fun i have a friend on roblox that grinds that game

@Chillthrill709build welcome to the forums
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Literally the forums:

Anyways, what about Sonic The Hedgehog Gimkit game?

maybe puzzles?
puzzles are always fun to make they can be a balance of complicated and simple
depending on how much effort you put into them say like a match the colors puzzle and a hit all the boxes in time b4 they reset them selves puzzle or do a puzzle in the dark with a coordinate system overlay to guide you

A tower defense game like BTD (if gimkit is my fav, then BTD6 is 2nd)

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Something on my mind:
A game where players get 30 seconds to get used to the coordinate system using the player position detector. Then after 30 seconds, they have to navigate obstacles using clues (in overlay) and their coordinates. Should be easy enough to make, right?

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The book I’m reading (the forbidden library):
labrynthine. makes and controls area as their labryinth. impossible to escape unless they let you and they can take you anywhere in the labyrinth…

Try a survival game.

Rubik’s cube

yes its difficult, but cool challenge

just tons of properties…

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Ooh, yeah. Like stranded on an island.

hey, how did you guess my gkc map idea?

I’m a Russian Spy secretly stalking you and your life. Which reminds me, make some kind of detective game!

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