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So, i’m making a Gimkit map, i have this whole idea planned out and. It’s a zombie survival map, and you answer questions to get more ammo. There’s a setting to set the existing ammo before it runs out, but it just ends up reloading. So what i basically want to do is to make the gun run out of ammo, and make it unusable until they answer another question.

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Turn infinite refills off. Add a game overlay → questioner out of bounds in your map. Wire it so (when button pressed, open questioner). Wire the questioner to an item granter that grants ammo, so (if question answered correctly, grant item). Hope this helps! [1]

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Maybe use a checker, and if that ammo reaches 0, take away the weapon using item granters. Then when question answered, give them another zapper back.

(This is just something real quick, also it might not work for all weapons because it could be confused among them, so you might need to use properties)

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Settings in bottom left corner > map settings > items
Screenshot 2024-05-07 9.52.00 AM
Then you make it so they get the gadget ammo when they answer questions


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hi what up you guys.

First you have to go to map options and find infinite refills set it to no.
AMMO quantum portals, heavy shards
Evil eyes ammo, heavy shards
pml, med shards
blaster, med shards
woodan wand, med shards
sling shot, med shards
zapper, light shards
snow ball launcher, snow ball

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