Help with weapon stop

In my map, I’m making a stopping time power up, it puts everyone’s speed at zero so they can’t move to have the illusion of stopping time, but they can still fire their weapons. Any ideas on how I can change this?

Make A Zone That You Can’t Fire In Pop Up When The Upgrade Is Bought


DO you want them to be able to fire or not? If not, just do what @Chris10 said.

I’m Pretty Sure He Said That He Doesn’t Want People To Fire

Make a zone that covers the whole map and activates once they buy the upgrade, make it so gadget-fire is disabled inside the zone

That’s Exactly What I Said, Not Trying To Be Rude

I know, I’m just elaborating on it a little more.

Also, why do you capitalize every word?


So I Can Practice My Capitalization For Future Essays I Might Have.


Yeah i think you could make a zone appear when you use an item

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bruh, you only need to capitalize the titles for essays, not every. darned. word.


I Know, Please Don’t Worry About That. It’s What I Do And Like To Do.

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