Help with username! [IMPORTANT, PLS READ!]

So many of you guys know me as “Impostor” but I have a huge announcement to make! I’m officially changing my name to “ShinyRiolu” but there is just one problem. I don’t know how to change my username :slight_smile:

You can’t change your username after 7 days of creating your account but you can message the mods.
It’s a bit unnecessary because they’re on winter break though.


Ok, thank you! I’ll ask them in a couple of days or something

Wait it says Pharlain was seen a day ago, and Jeff 6 hours ago so I’ll just message them rn

They most likely won’t respond though because it’s not necessary and changing a user’s name isn’t that important.
You should only really message the mods if you have an issue or concern.

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Oh, I already messaged them but thank you for letting me know

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“Just like everybody says in the memes.”

wdym when you be say

Like in YouTube memes?

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