Help with thumbnail please

i alredy have one but it is not good help please

well could you pls describe what u want for the thumbnail?

whats it look like we can use it as a base in our thumbnails

what we need:
gims, background, hand-drawn or photoshop, any other details

it’s not a bad drawing but digital art would prob be better for online thumbnails

can you modify it? please

I told you what details I need…

why did u link my profile???

it looks like this
Screenshot 2024-04-15 5.47.35 PM

do you want me to redraw it on digi art? and what am I supposed to edit?

yes and can you make it brighter it is to dark for anyone to see

fine. will be finished tomorrow prob maybe tonight

thanks i will give you credit when i post it

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curiosity takes over || What type of game r u making? What is it called? When do u think it will release?

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like a story,war. gimkit the darkness. before gimkit awards

sooo just a gim and the title right?

yeah just those thanks

can I help

my other work

hahaha not to much detail was given so I would be the exact same

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can you give more detail about the thumbnail. pleaase:)