Help with thumbnail again

i need help with a thumbnail

details? do you want it digitally or drawn? what do you want on it? title/name? thx

Be sure to provide more information on what you want the thumbnail to be about/look like!

Also you can put this in the Art category!

Please move this to the Art section

digital please and somthing like this
Screenshot 2024-05-17 7.53.11 PM

Move this to the Art Category and provide more details.

Alright. Seems easy to do.

Sorry I can’t help. I have to review for a test.

My bad it’s 10:54pm here

understood I do too but thenk you

it’s fine it’s a little late here too

I can make one!
As a nominee for the GK awards (totally not bragging here lmao sorry) you may have seen some of my work already, but:
My previous works:

thanks please do it looks like this
Screenshot 2024-05-17 7.53.11 PM

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hope you can use it!

thanks @VoidFluffy I’ll use it

published! thanks @VoidFluffy hope to see you again

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I saw it