Help With Something About Images

This Topic Is Not About Somebody To Make Me A Thumbnail, But I Need Somebody To Send A Post With Images That Include A Vending Machine, A Property, The Gobble Gim, A Item Granter, And A Questioner. Also Make It With A Transparent Background. I Need This For Something

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I can’t make a thumbnail, maybe you should change the title to need thumbnail help, but also add more context.

In My Main Post, It Says This Is Not About Thumbnail Making

OHHH my bad. Read wrong.


It’s Fine. It’s A Common Mistake

Try finding it on there!

Ok. Let Me See If I Find What I Need

dang it. It doesn’t have it. Maybe go to Google slides, go in game, take a screen shot, use a big remover, then add it on there.

So basically just take a picture of what you need /screenshot it, and then use a free bg remover, add it onto a Google slide and screenshot that.

Ok. Maybe That Works, I Guess…

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Try it, it’s a lot of mannual work but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Wait But How Do I Get A Free BG Remover?

search it up. free bg remover.

Try its really nice

was just about to do that.

Hopefully this helps! If not, tell us.

No Way… That’s The One I Clicked



Here is a questionare and gobble (transparent)


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