Help with QR code in gimkit text

i need help with a QR code text in gimkit.

do you want to actually make it scannable or just art?

you could make the qr code out of square or circle emojis

I don’t know if it would work though, I don’t know much about qr codes

What do you mean by the “QR Code in gimkit text”?

If you mean putting a real life QR code into gimkit text, don’t even do that. You can get banned for doing that.

I need it scannable pls

Scannable QR Codes aren’t allowed in Gimkit Creative.
Josh banned them.

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oh ok then what can i do instead

do you want it in the game? like people scan it to get information? You could just use a button that opens a popup. if you wanted it to be a qr code, you could make the button invisible and put it under a bunch of text devices that look like a qr code

Yeah, that’s what he wants.

I mean I can just do a url and put it in text so they can copy it to google

That is also not allowed. You can’t have external links in a published map.

no not a link just text

@boom, please tell me which one of these you want

a) a piece of art in the gimkit game that looks like a qr code and gives information about the game when you click on it
b) an actual qr code in the game that leads to an external website (this is not allowed)
c) something else

c but like a link but not a lick just regular text

sorry giys i mean link

you can’t have a link or anything that directs them to another website

look im doing a excape room map and it needs to be like a QR code but not
oh and it HAS to be hard to get to not a button

You can take a picture of the QR code, then attempt to model it out of emojis. I don’t recommend this. because it’s tedious.

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