Help with Props

Good Morning!
I need help with some of the props and devices.
When I try to put a text on top of a prop like the metal sign, the text stays behind the prop.
I looked at other peoples maps and somehow they did it.
Please help me with this if you know.
I will be a life changer if I finally know how to do this.
Please and Thank You!


What do you mean about Layers?

Just move the text to a higher layer than the prop

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if you use layers you can make the text higher than the prop

hello you seem to not be aware of layers it is a three stacked thing on the top left and its is game changeing

to use it you need to find the item in the menu it will highlight when you hover over it then using the arrows beside it you can move it up or down, now to warn you, if you move the item that changed layers it will revert to its orginal result if you move it to above layer it will say in above, if you want to put things on top of a prop put them on bottom layer



Thank You everyone for the support!
I am really good at devices and props in Gimkit Creative but I surely wasn’t aware of this “Layer” thing. Thank you all for your help!


your welcome @GimkitLover_268 make sure to mark a solution it should be under post

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