Help with overlays please save me

I’m making a hide-and-seek map and I want an expendable speed boost so that the button disappears after it is clicked. Also, I need for the button to only be available for one team and I have no clue how to do either. Please help!

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to answer your first question, use a wire repeater. wire the button to the repeater so that when its pressed, the pulse repeats. then wire the repeater back to the button so that when the pulse is repeated, the button is deactivated.
also, are you talking about an overlay button, or the button device?

Get a button have it when button pressed receive on channel speed and go to the channels section and deactivate on speed you may also make the scope to player?

Or the scope for team I guess?

Oh sorry, that was confusing. I am talking about the overlay, not the button device.

I guess you do the same thing but hide the overlay?

I tried that but I couldn’t get it to specify a specific team.

You can make the visibility scope to team then or player

theres two M’s what are the chances?

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Sorry, we got off-topic. Any ideas for the disappearing overlay? The just-for-one-team thing has been solved I think.

idk im not a coder well i am but im to lazy to figure out how to code here