Help with OG fortnite

any ideas for my og fortnite game?

Can you elaborate more?


Yes, please tell us what you need help with!

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Look in the battle-royale tag.

Also, you shouldn’t base your map fully off fortnite, you can do your own spin-offs of the locations ans mechanics due to copyright reasons.

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Some suggestions
1.You should make a drop zone where the players go into a teleporter to go to different biomes
2.You should make the backround music epic music, change the inventory space to 5, and make everyone solo
3.You should make at least 4 biomes or whatever you call them
4.Make chests every building (at least 11 in each biome) that give weapons and heals but can only opened once…
5.You should add a in game chat to say messages such as “over here”

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You’re creating a pretty nice game - maybe search for guides in the battle-royale tag instead?

Also, instead of just making your game named “Fortnite OG”, probably make it a ripoff. It’s due to copyrighted materials and other stuff.


just any ideas really

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