Help with my racing map

I want a counter to get bigger by 1 every time you do 1 complete lap. How do you do this?

Whatever triggers a lap being completed (preferably a 0 damage laser), wire it to a counter.

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I tried that with a trigger but the start and finish is at the same place so a player can just go to the trigger every time and not do the full thing

Add a barrier then

Try this:
Add a 0-damage laser a little before the start.
Add a thin barrier in front of it.
Wire the laser to the barrier like this: Player hit by laser-Deactivate barrier
Add a zone at the start.
Wire that to the barrier like this: Zone entered- Activate barrier
Wire the laser to an unseen counter like this: Player hit by laser-Increment counter.
And there you have it!

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I did, thank you

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