Help with my lost rooms(again)

I want to add a couple of motifs to my last rooms map, it is my biggest project

You could add a gim shape on the walls.

I would add some weird wording and images(custom) to the walls. And maybe an easter egg too.

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The Easter eggs are already done, I am talking about item-wise

Ok, so this is backrooms, corrrect?

like I said in my other help topic, it is like a OWO spin-off

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Ok so I would add the gadgets, key cards, and shards(can be used as cash).

Items that would not be used in the game

ok, then keys, fish, cash(maybe?) seeds, crops, water.

Maybe, I do have one already, Banana’s

Anyone else have motif ideas?

what are they for?

Just something to mess with the players

Maybe some advertisements or wanted posters??

That is the library, I am talking about Items the players will carry, like the host, a banana

Ahhhhh thennnn maybeeeeee some seeds! Yeah seeds. Those are the best.

ok, I will make the enemies drop seeds, but what else, I want at least 5 motifs in the game

Um wellll there are a lot of itemsss that you can useeeeeeeeeeeeee……………….fish?

fish, maybe, this is a space center

I really don’t know….