Help with mechanics for new game

So, a while ago, my friends and I created a game that’s sort of like Murder In the Dark but also role playing.So you get a card that you dont show anyone, and then you assume the role until the game ends.

I need help on how to do the roles because some of them have complicated mechanics.

  • Werewolf- the werewolf taps someone to kill them.

  • Dragon- tags someone and takes them to the dragon’s lair (tag zone and teleporter?)

  • Medusa- they tag someone and they are frozen (movement meters?)

  • Knight- hunts down the bad guys

  • Doctor- the doctor heals dead people

  • Witch- unfreezes people frozen by the medusa

  • Seer- they can turn the lights on (the game is played in the dark) (maybe press an overlay that deactivates a barrier?)

  • Darkgiver- they turn off the lights (yeah a boring role)

  • Townesfolk- they hide the powerup-more about that later

The powerup is an item that enables each role to do something special.

I probably won’t come back until Monday or later today to mark a solution!


For medusa, use a tag zone and a 0.0 speed modifier

The problem with using tag zones is the fact that i have so many roles that use tagging as their base way to do their role and what happens when two taggers tag each other?


You could use weapons instead, but it isn’t as realistic

Like make a team for good and bad guys and make each player have a role number property

Yeah, well the bad guys can kill get each other too, its sort of like a fight to the finish


Make it solo but then use a team switcher to do it for the good guys

Well, another problem with that is that the good guys, like the knight can get each other tooo. But if the knight kills an innocent, they die.

Make the knights solo too, just make them have a property that says they are a knight

Werewolf - Simple Enough; Chooses player, switch player to spectator
Dragon - That works
Medusa - Tags someone → Set speed to 0
Knight - Simple Enough
Doctor - Maybe, instead of dying, players just get turned to a specific team, so the Doctor can choose someone to bring back to their old team
Witch - Chooses someone → Set speed to 1
Seer - Deactivate barrier
Darkgiver - Activates barrier
Townsfolk - Whatever


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Those are pretty good, but I’m not sure I want the players set to spectator, as there are other roles I may be adding later which will offset that. Also, does anyone know what happens when two people on different teams tag each other(overlapping tag zones)?
I’m thinking about making an overlay for each player that activates their tag zone for like a second so they can get the “kill”

As I said, you can change them to a different team

Hmm okay! That’s probably what I will do anyways.

Now, does anyone know what happens when two people on different teams tag each other(overlapping tag zones)?

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It gets confusing. Trust me. You might want certain areas

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