Help with map art

Can someone make a jewlery store by chance, or just like the glass cases with the jewlery inside of it


very basic tho

that works, ill just make it smaller, but what about a counter with jewlery in it tho

elaborate for a simple minded human :stuck_out_tongue:
also if ur gonna ask for one thing. ask with the other things too…

your saying you could do better

ok give me a few minutes


20 characterssssssssssss


decent, looks more profesional

ok what about the layout of a jewlery store

ill add your name as one of the colaborators to the map

i am not making you a map
i have 10 minutes until school and i have other things to do
im sorry but im being honest

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no not a map, a small jewlery store.

to add to my map.
20 characters


ok, thanks for the help tho

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Uh here is the emoji @RektRainbow used:

he didnt ask…
plus what other emoji did i ues??