Help with making a TF2-esque gamemode

Hi. Does anybody know how to make something like Attack/Defend (particularly Dustbowl) or Territorial Control (the map Hydro)? I kind of need help as I don’t really know how to make those gameplay mechanics on Gimkit.

So im stoopid today and what are you talking about?

most won’t understand references to specific games
you might want to say what mechanics

There’s a game called Team Fortress 2. It has multiple gamemode. Attack/Defend is where one team has to take over all control points (although in Dustbowl, there are 6 control points, divided into 3 areas) and the other team has to defend them until the time runs out. For Territorial Control, there are 6 areas, and each team has 3 areas. Each area has a control point. Two nearby areas (one from each team) are randomly selected and that’s where the fighting takes place. They basically fight at two areas at a time. Both teams have to take over all six areas to win, by taking over all control points in each area.

As for the control points, a team can take over a control point from the opposing team by standing on it. The more players from the team that stand on the opposing team’s control points, the less time it will take to capture it. The opposing team can stop this by just standing on it. When no players from the attacking team are standing on the control points, then they will slowly lose progress.

Oh, and when a control point in Attack/Defend is taken by the attacking team, they get more time. And (I think in both gamemodes), it will go into overtime (the match doesn’t end) when a team is still taking over a control points.

In Attack/Defend, before a round starts though, there’s a Setup time, where the defending team gets to prepare before it begins, although I think I can figure out how to set up a Setup time.

You don’t have to do both gamemodes btw. Just pick one.

Sorry, this is wrong, I have to figure out something.

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In attack/defend, when a point gets taken over, all of the points transmit on the same channel. The trigger sets a property to true or false. This is how you can store information if a point has been taken over or not. Then, it checks if all points have been taken over. If they have, the game ends.

@cwe could help, he’s made game (team fortress gimkit) with mechanics pretty close to real TF2.

For Attack/Defend, you could have a zone for each control point. When someone stays in a zone, it constantly makes a counter go up. When it hits a specific number, it could be claimed.
As SlimArtist said, the zone being taken over could also transmit a signal telling something that the zone has been taken.

For control points, it could have two zones instead. Being in a zone would activate a player-scope trigger that constantly makes a counter go up (which would be global-scope). This lets you stack multiple signals from the same trigger at once (due to multiple people being in the zone), making the rate the counter go up change based on the amount of players.


But how do I make it so that only a certain team can take it, while the other team can only stop the progress of the counter?

Just make the button active only to one team

They’re saying that if the opposing team is also in the zone, the counter can’t go up.

I don’t get your drift.

You could make the zone connected to a trigger that increases the counter.
If the opposing team is in the zone, the trigger will be deactivated.

Sorry if the explanation is a little weird…

Or, wait. The trigger can just be deactivated for the opposing team all the time.
That should work, right?

I don’t know if I followed your directions right, but it didn’t work. I tried to make it stop the repeater as well, but that didn’t work either.

I was saying while you’re in the zone, it constantly activates the trigger. The trigger increases the counter. If the opposing team is in the zone, it deactivates the trigger. (player enter zone → deactivate trigger)

What do you mean by it not working? Whats the actual problem?

Oh ok. My bad. Let me try doing that.

Yeah. I’m sorry. I don’t understand. I want the defending team to stop the counter (and also have the counter decremented if nobody stands on it as you did say that if the attacking team stood on it, the counter will be incremented). However, when I tested it out, the counter didn’t stop at all, even if the defending team walked into the zone.

Is the attacking team’s zone directly connected to the counter?
It shouldn’t be…

Make sure the trigger is affected in the following ways:
attacking zone entered → activate attacking trigger (and repeater)
attacking zone left → deactivate attacking trigger (and repeater)
defending zone entered → activate defending trigger (that decreases counter) (and repeater)

When the defending zone is left, you’d need to detect if anyone is in the attacking zone.
You could use a property (boolean), thats true when someone is in the attacking zone
If its true, the trigger is activated. If its false, nothing happens. I’m hoping you know how to use properties?

Side note: Earlier, I thought the defending team wasn’t supposed to do anything except stop the counter lol