Help with making a health bar for ship

I am making a battleship game and i want the ship to have health. Does anyone know how.

Possibly you could make it so that the props on the ships have health.

I’m thinking like with an overlay or something

You could make different property’s or counters that track their health, and if you wanted to, you could set text to have blocks and set the text to that property to make it like “1 HP” Also you would set the counters to whatever the property is, and also when they hit that area it makes the counter go down which after all that would make it, from 1 to 0. Hope this helps!
One more thing, you would have to set this up for every ship, which could be taxing on your memory as blocks cost 500 memory to put in, but if you are just doing battleship, it should be enough.

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Thank you so much @Stealthknight

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