Help with item granters

Is there a way to make an item granter grant the amount a property is?
I’ve tried using the block code to make it give the custom amount like this, but it’s not working.

Try making the property “cash” into a variable first, then use that variable as the amount granted. (Works for me)

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I’ll try that.

Can’t you set a variable first and then the cash?

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That probably would work. I was using properties before.

Oh I don’t think that block works. Or was it the other one, @Shdwy?

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It still doesn’t work.

Because the grant item block doesn’t work. You’ll have to use either pseudo items or the other block.

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Should I create a bugs post on this?

There already is. That’s how I knew about it. I’ll get it up in a bit.

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So should I just delete my system for this?

Look through it to see any alternatives.

Ok, I will try that.

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Can you use somthing along these lines?
Screenshot 2023-12-01 10.48.05 AM
Not sure if it will work, I don’t use blocks much.

That doesn’t work.

What does changing a variable do?

Idk, I don’t use blocks, I though the variable would be the number granted and cash the item.

changing a variable doesn’t do anything unless you change a property with it.

Then add a property?

But the variable isn’t saved between block uses.