Help with Instant Reload

I was wondering if you can just have instant Reload for 1 player, not everyone.

Negative, I don’t believe this is possible using the “Map Options” section. The only way this could kinda work is if you have it so that a player is given a new weapon that was the same as their original, and deletes the original. If weapons are granted with full ammo, it technically instantly reloads the weapon, just is kind of finnicky.

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You’d have to be able to detect whether someone has ammo or not, so i don’t think you can.

Maybe you could add a game overlay that when pressed, it deletes your current one and gives you a replica, effectively giving you a new weapon with new ammo. However, it still takes time to drag the cursor over to the game overlay and select it.

You can have a property for ammo and only grant the ammo (1 more than the clip size) when the player needs it.

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