Help with gimbits (part 1)

name gimbits (part 1)
gims sentry, vortex
doing sentry outside door vortex pressing button
digital only please

alright! Do you have a specific time it needs to be finished?

Also, If I got everything right, the title is Gimbits
you want a sentry and a vortex agent
a sentry is outside a door and the vortex agent is clicking a button
(I do digital dw)

yes maybe by thrusday

alright, I’ll get to work!

thanks Blackjack i will credit you


you’re in good hands- check out Blackjack’s previous work in their Profile

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I’m on the grind rn, finna finish this one by 2AM GOING FOR THAT PR LES GO

Blackjack locking in moment:

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uh coud you give me some extra details? like the vibe? is the sentry evil? What is the doors basic structure?

vibe dark
setry is evil
Screenshot 2024-06-17 7.52.59 PM

mk! Ill send sketch when its done

thx I’m not good at making thumbnails

its ok :] (I’m making it where the door is facing the side, Is that ok? or do you want the door facing the front?)

either is OK i don’t care


check in tommorow i guess

I wont be able to work on it 8-5 as I have camp, but I’ll finish hopefully today

thanks blackjack alot