Help with game its called interact

read the title, the game deal with alot of buttons and a brake out/ simulator game padlet: This text will be blurred must be signed in

is this related to gkc? like what do u need help with ur game

because that links lead to a padlet and I don’t see u asking for thumbnails

Yes it is and I don’t want thumbnails… (maybe I do) but still I need help with wireing I cant explain it

I can’t help u if you don’t give enough info I just need some or any info

like what wrong with the wiring what are u trying to do with it?

and that padlet ain’t helping either for me to figure out what wrong.

because I don’t think we can access it anyway.

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to access padlet sigh up please I’ma explain in there

@margimkitcreator @Fulcrum-19 @KitsunePlayer @POTATOZILLA42

What’s Interact?

kitsuneplayer was not in it, replace with @POTATOZILLA42

He was but had things to do but okay

why did you mention me?

and did the problem actually get solved?

No but the new code is in the padlet :stuck_out_tongue:

let not talk about c0de here as gimkit doesn’t allow codes in here. EXECPT for sites like the wix that take it somewhere else

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