Help with events that will happen in my game

So yesterday I made a help topic for side quests. now in the game you are trying to stop sea levels from rising and stuff. I need ideas for things to do to stop the sea level rise. And the items to help combat it come from those mini-quests in the last help topic.

make a machine that reverses global warming
Screenshot 2024-03-10 8.15.43 PM

Side quest: take down the local gasoline car company to get money to make the machine


Like maybe you combine things from all those mini side quests to make the machine? Good idea.

ooh, that seems like a cool idea.
here are some ideas:

rebuild habitats for polar bears
pick up trash
restore wetlands
make the sun colder (goodluck trying to figure out how to do that)
make popsicles for the polar bears
restore coral reefs

might add more.


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