Help With Ending Game If Everyone on team 1 is on team 2

I am making a tag game, with team 2 being the taggers. I want the game to end if everyone on team 1 is tagged and put on team 2. Any ways to do this?

You can use a team switcher, counter, ko manager and game end device. So to switch a team you must kill a player, so you can set the KO manager to when player killed(aka tagged) player dies and switches to team 2. You can wire the KO manager to the counter in which it will add a point for each kill. And set that counters max number to what ever you wish, but make is reasonable. And wire the counter to end game device so when number is reached game ends. This will not work for more or less player who j0in the game. So if the number of players is to small the game will not end, even if all players are on team 2. Keep that in mind.

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Live player counter.

When the property changes, transmit on channel.

Have a trigger receive on that channel, and check if the number of players on team 2 is equal to the number of players in the game.

If true, broadcast to an end game to end the game.

Have your Tag Zone. Let me try to explain it better…
Make sure the Tag Zone is set to Team 2.
Wire Tag Zone → Team Switcher: Player Tagged → Switch Team
Have a Counter that updates a Property “NumTeam1”
Wire a Lifecycle(Game Start) → Team 1 player Relay → Counter(Increment)
Now, have another Property called “Tagged”
Wire the Tag Zone → Another Counter that updates Tagged
Make Tagged transmit on Change when value is changed
Make a trigger have a block when receiving on “Change”
If Tagged = NumTeam1
Broadcast End
End Game ends on “End”

Oh wow… You explained the entire game mechanic, and not just how to end the game…

I’m going to have to step up my game.

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Most people know how to do it, but some people don’t… The More specific, the better!