Help with designing a portal

Please don’t post the guide, “portal gate (Difficulty 0/10 or :white_large_square:” as that is not what I am looking for. You’re probably wondering, well then what am I looking for. Well, um if you’re really interested you can see my failed attempt…


Falied portal

So something like that but wayyyyyyy better. I need 4. They each should go with these themes: Darkness, Earth, Ice, Storm

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Storm, yellow and dark blue. Rectangle barriers to make a lightning insignia.

I had an idea like that. We’ll just say I tried and it didn’t go very well (not the best at barrier art), would you be able to give a picture? I’m looking for something a tad bit more professional than mine~

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do a nether portal to do so use black barrer and purple barriers, then use text boxes and have the symbols - and _ and have them colored purple and add it on the barriers to make it look like swirls and obsidian.

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Ok I’ll try it thanks~


Make mountain designs on the earth and make mud around it.

What type of portal are you making?
OH, nevermind, I know, yeah, I don’t read…

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@California_Love portal gates.

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Maybe it should be dark purple with tiny white dots (that represent stars) in the teleportation area.
Maybe make it look sort of like a crystal ball that physcic use.

Ok that sounds really cool

Sounds good


Something like this @WolfTechnology ? (for the record, yes, I know what a nether portal looks like(no offense)) Partially unfinished


yeah like that! and that looks great ngl, here’s a like :heart: for that.

Thanks! Just needed some ideas so I could start~

maybe though add something in the middle it looks, empty.

Yeah definitely, I was gonna blend it a little bit. But I could make a gold rim in the center, and maybe add a stand for the portal or something~

agreed, maybe also try to add like a ora from the portal, like and effect or something.

I was actually thinking about that, maybe like some floating orbs like @relebloz3 said~

yep, or smoke, or vribrant waves.


So here’s what I have now, somehow the orbs look like balloons to me xD. So toss the orbs or keep~ And does the ring look ok? (be honest)

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honestly it reminds me of the center of those jaw breakers but i really love it