Help with... Clickers...?

okay so I wanna make a game where if you click, it spawns a sentry (or just activates it) but idk how to make a clicker type thing, is there a way to make it so that if you click it activates something, or something like that?

Like a button on your screen or on the ground?

maybe a popup w/ call to action.

Maybe make the click a overlay or button that spawns the sentry when pressed.

kinda like cookie clicker, I want to click somewhere on my screen and then does something after

You can use I believe a game overlay or something and when clicked transmit on channel (the channel activates the sentry.

It would make more sense if it was on screen. (Overlay)

Yes, an overlay button, this is hard and may need coordinates to summon a sentry.
Such systems have been talked about, but you need a sentry for every coordinate point. So the memory concern stops this from being made.

Use a overlay.

no, I don’t wanna use an overlay button because I want the player to choose where the sentry will be by clicking a location

I can’t help you than, sorry.

Coordinate system. Buttons are bad.

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@Haiasi , @WolfTechnology , @Blizzy , any ideas?

I don’t think that’s possible yet.

ehhh, I think there’s a way with block code…

Maybe… I’ll try and figure something out.

Overlay Buttons.

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You can’t just click to spawn a sentry. You need a button device that activates an adjacent sentry or an overlay that tracks your position and then makes one near you.

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right, but I want the player to click where the sentry is located so I can’t use overlays

a coordinate system with buttons? might take up a lot of memory but it would probably work

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