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So I have this little Fortnite map and I want to make it to where the host can choose either squads (there is two players on each team) or battle royale (every man for themselves). Does anyone have ideas?

The easiest way to do this would just be in the map settings before the game starts, but if you want to do it in-game it would be a bit more complicated
wait nevermind I don’t think you can do this in settings

Well, no matter what, you will have to place down 30 team switchers. So you would start off with an FFA. Next, you would need to have a trigger that is triggered if the game host picks duos. Make sure that the host triggers an all player relay that triggers the trigger. In the blocks for the trigger, make it check if the player’s team number is odd. If it is, use concatenation to broadcast on “Switch ” + team number +1. Make a team switcher switching to every even numbered team and receiving on “Switch #”. The number would be the team number switching to.

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Now that’s a solution.


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