Help with blocks for an item granter

Hello! Right now, I’m working on something for my game. When the game starts, the host spawns somewhere where they can customize their settings. I have a bunch of buttons with different options. Right now, the game is set so that when a player answers a question right, they get 1,000 energy. I want the host to be able to change this if they want to. I want there to be a button that the host can choose if they want players to get 500 energy per question and a different button for 10,000 energy per question. Can someone show me what block code to use to get this to happen?

We (Me and Top Z) made a system that almost does exactly that. Let me ping her, and she can probably get you some pictures.



Thank you! That would be very helpful!

Do you remember how it was set up or anything? If you could describe it, that would help too

I did that in my game as well.
Just make 2 spawn pads.
One for the host only and one for everybody else (in settings). Then, where the host spawns, have 2 buttons, one which activates an overlay that is wired to a questioner that is wired to an item Granter that grants 500 for example and another which grants 1000.
If you need more help, I’ll try my best to clarify


Thank you so much! I was clueless until you explained it! Now it works!

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