Help with battle royale game

Hmmmmmm. This is quite the prediciment. Maybe…I don’t know! Wow, this is a first!

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i tried to check similar topics but none were solved

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You don’t know? You are a tl1 user. This is normal. There isn’t a lot we know. :slight_smile:


You could use a checker to check how many teams there are right? I dont really know because I havent tried to make a battle royale map yet

ill try that but I just found out my game won’t work it doesn’t let me move

Make a counter to update using a zone that updates when player enters and then decrement when a player is knocked out until it eqauls 1 then end game using a end gaem device.

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That’s a bug so it isn’t your game it is all over GKC right now. I have the same bug too.

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but its duos and i need to detect the whole team

True! But also, we know SOME stuff! (Though, it’s mostly because of the regulars.

It’s funny, I JUST figured out how to reply to another person’s post, like a forward…well, I’m a hypocrit

I don’t think there is a way sadly. I will check once the non movement bug is gone. In the meantime: @NavyCatZ @ClicClac @WhoAmI

To do this, make a property for each team (their default set to 2). Then have a trigger repeatedly checking each property to see if one of the properties is equal to 1-2, while the others are equal to zero. Whenever a player gets knocked out, they are teleported to a box where they step on a trigger, this trigger then checks their team number and reduces the corresponding property by one.

I haven’t actually tested if this works, so keep that in mind.


Oops accidentally replied to someone lol, sorry about that.

when the bug goes away, i will try that it seems smart

Or use this guide but the relay is for single player on each team:

there is a friend of mine called @reehee and he made a battle royal map the is a free for all and a team edition, i can ask him how he made it so you can do it aswell.

Check out the battle-royale resources out!

Would this work?

oop it is wip.

Is this resolved?

Most likely.
Also, @RyanThePro, we aren’t using the battle-royale tag, those are reserved for Community Made Guides

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