Help with an oven in-out system

im making a game where you make pizzas and i already have the properties for the pizzas, but i want to make it so when you tap a button (which right now just sets the property amount to 0) it puts the pizza in an oven and you can take it out right after when its cooked. is there any way to do this?? i need you to only be able to get the pizza back if you already put one in the oven and i need the cooked pizza to have a property.

So, the pizza goes in (start timer), it cooks and you pull it out (timer finishes, increment something to show that you have 1 more pizza, preferably something that can be connected to a property). By getting the pizza back, how would this work?

there doesnt even really need to be a timer frankly, it can just be instant. ill try it tho

Oh. You could probably use a crafting table or something of the same concept then.

That sounds interesting Maybe use an invisible button and then an inventory manager to put the pizza in your inventory I’m not too sure but that’s what I would try.

Yeah I have no idea on what you would do for an animation to put the pizza in the oven then take it out, but an alternative without an oven is I guess a crafting table.

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