Help with a thumbnail

3 teams red purple and blue just fighting each other can someone make it happen?


ok ill make one

Maybe I’ll have to work on it for maybe a few days. Is that OK? I have lots of schoolwork though so I might not get it finished.

that’s alr I just need one thank you guys.

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I can do it for you!
I use adobe photoshop for my thumbnails
All I need is some more detail, because you are being a little vague.
Also It might take a while because of school. A day tops

Work I've done

what gims do you want

it honesty doesnt matter surprise me



I will also give you credit for helping me!

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@Edwards can I have a follow up?

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1 sec

where should they be fighting

Okay! No problem take as much time as you need.

Ummmmm Idk just surprise me.

can you give me some screenshots of your game then?

Yes Np problem give me one second

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There you go

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so where do they fight

oops my bad one second

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heres the arena

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