Help with a thumbnail for one of my maps!

So I’m making a game where you play mini games related to holidays. (name: holiday games) I really need help because my thumbnails are terrible

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I’ll help!

Any specific way you want it to look (Gims doing specific stuff, environment, and stuff?)

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not really, but i do want each gim to be related to a holiday, like gobble for thanksgiving

@Splitzy, is it okay if I take two days to finish this? It might be a bit less, but these days I really am not available.

what are some mini games?

need more details on what you want for it

Actually I don’t have time to draw one for you, sorry

My friend might, though

@Splitzy Here:
unnamed (1)

If you use one of these, please credit [Thumbnail made by Blizzy + Pink flower]


thank you so much! I really like these!

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@Splitzy My friend says that she’s updating her thing; Is it okay if you wait a day before using it?

@Splitzy nevermind she sent it to me:image.png
Use this! Credit Blizzy + Pinkflower

And please don’t question my friend’s username! She likes funny stuff :slight_smile:

I can try making one!

I have a friend like that : )


Not Props, right? You know I mean, righttttt? @VoidFluffy

@Splitzy here, this is clearer

No and yes I know what you mean. hehehhehehehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheheh

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It might be to late but I could try making one… Which holidays are you using in your game exactly?

I can have one by Wednesday. It may take me a little shorter tho like blizzy said