Help with a mine game (inspired by Fast_developers help post)

I was having trouble on deciding my next game until I saw this
Echo mines
I saw it and thought “Hmm, a game taking place in the mines would be cool” and I have the base mechanics, you are miners trying to explode a mine infested with sentries, and on every floor, you have a shop where you can buy many items, but when you explode the level of the mine, you get one minute to navigate an obstacle course to the next level, you have respawns, but if you get crushed by the debris falling from each level, you are perma-knocked. I need ideas to expand my game, like should the shops level up from common to legendary (common on the first level of the mine and legendary on the sixth) or should It be a big shop

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What do you have so far?

Just to clarify, my games not set entirely in the Echo Mines.

For the shop to save time and space when a user interact with the shop Teleport them to a different part of the map.

To explode a part of the mine use a user-button to allow them to explode it, you can use fire and “kaboom” emojis to simulate fire and chaos.

For the timer you can use two triggers and a counter for a countdown.

This is a bit confusing to explain so I’ll do the best I can:

For the first trigger make it receive on the channel the button triggers on. Make it trigger another channel like “countdownloop”

Make the second trigger receive on countdownloop and trigger it on countdownloop with a delay of 1.1 seconds (1.1 for the small amount of lag).

Make the counter increment when receiving on countdownloop and set the target to 60, disable it when it reaches 60.

When it reaches 60 make it transmit on “timer end”.

Do what you will with all of this!

I know, but your help post made me think that a game that takes place in a mine would be fun

I have the lobby done :sweat_smile:

You know, making mining games is possible now thanks to the newest update with pickaxes and mine-able terrain. :hammer_and_pick: That would be a start!

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Oh… that’s what you meant by that @Coffee ?

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That is going to be the main point of it, you need the ores deeper in the mine to get better stuff, but the longer you are there, the more sentries spawn in the area, so you need to be fast, but after the area is exploded, you can’t get that ore anymore, which you might need for better weapons/pickaxes

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I’ll be here if you want ideas, im also working on mines too.
Anything for another developer!

That’s---- AMAZING!
Such a good excellent idea! No joke.

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Thanks, but my problem is this
For the shops, are they connected so you can get any weapon at any time or do I make it so that they are common in the first area, then uncommon, then rare, etc (third option, all shops are connected, but as you explode area, the shops collapse and you lose access to the area of that shop)

The second option would be my choice.

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That’s what I thought, I will make a poll later tho to see what the community likes (I will add a little detail where if you explode the area and enter the shop before it collapses, you can see the shopkeeper is gone, and you cant buy items but can steal them, but then no shopkeepers on the later floors will sell to you)

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