Help with a few features

So I will be starting work on a tag game, and I need a little help with a few things (Will be updated with time so I don’t need multiple help posts)

The list

  1. Flickering lights - the map will be (almost) pitch black, except for some lights, that will flicker on and off, and that is the only way to see, until the end when you turn on the generators and the doors open (Solved)
  2. generator mini-game - this one explains itself, but If you have ideas, I would like to hear them
  3. a thumbnail - I’m not explicitly asking for one, but If someone does make one the game (for now) is called Factory Frenzy and takes place in an abandoned factory (Solved)
  4. A new name - The reason is I don’t think it is eye-catching enough to be a success (solved)
  5. Any abandoned factory equipment prop art - Im out of ideas for stuff like that, so any prop art would be appreciated
    (also if you have helped, you will get a custom locker that the runners can hide in)

Cool! But aren’t there guides for the first one? Or am I wrong?

okay for the first one how will the lights flicker will they flicker because of a player or just randomly during a game?

Using darkened camera views are deactivated tinted barriers with triggers and zones would be simplest. But those would be like shadows, might help.

Idk, I will go check if there are ones (The flickering is not the issue, the thing is, Idk how to make is so that you can only really see in the light areas :sweat_smile:)

Randomly, but there will be a pattern to them (and I might add a sabotage to the lights for the tagger later)

oh okay so to make it happen randomly you will need to make a clock…

Using a counter and a repeater, if that helps.

Can I call dibs on the thumbnail?

nice they could help with new features.

I guess, If you want to make the thumbnail could Hot Cocoa be the main gim?

I got the thumbnail B)

@California_Love and @Claire_B (If you want) What do you want on your lockers (text, name, ect)

Me, Umm I guess my name Claire

and maybe a star emoji💫

Ok, anything inside the locker?

maybe a ribbon and a gaming controller :video_game::ribbon:

Name ideas:

  • catch me if you can!
  • The ultimate tag game
    ( Since it is an old factory,)
  • Factory tag ( or old factory tag )
  • Steaming chase
  • Factory Frenzy

I like it! (Refer back to my talk with Clair for what you want on your locker, if you want one )

I think if you were to make prop art, then like you can make custom gears, and things all over the place, makes it have abandoned factory vibes. My locker? Well, you can just make it have these :frog: :wolf: :slight_smile: That works…