Help with a bridge

In my top down map, I am making a game where you jump between islands to collect materials and solve puzzles. I need ideas for bridges for in between islands.

I also don’t have a name for the game so if anyone has any suggestions tell me!

You can have a button where you press it and you teleport to a neighboring island. Or you can just have a bridge made out of brown barriers with collision disabled under the player, and long barriers beside so players don’t walk into the water. For the game name: Island Roamer, Gimlooter

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Maybe for the bridges, you can theme every bridge like the island (if you have themed islands)
And name ideas:

  • The Lost Islands
  • The Broken Bridges
  • Survive The Islands

If bridges also include traveling between islands, you could use boats like in fishtopia.
If not, use a wooden table for the bridge.
If you don’t like that style, use barriers and the cracked oak and boardwalk tiles.

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Rope bridge, that’d be sick!