Help with 4 Digit Code PLEASE READ :)

Yes, I know there are guides…. I tried 2 separate systems and neither have worked correctly. I did every step according to the guide. Please help if you can! Thanks.

Can you show pictures of your wires and blockcode?

Give me just a moment :0

Here is the layout/wires.

Honestly I would help but I cannot access gimkit creative at the moment…maybe after break because final exams and sol’s… and welcome to the forum @TryEverything!

Block that is the checking button

This is the OTHER trigger Block

And last one, the overlay block

Try using this.

Or this.

I did. Those are the two i went over :woman_facepalming:

I still cannot figure it out!

Here come to this
and maybe I can help if you share c0de on that doc.