Help when I jump

Hello GKC forum, I would like to report a trouble while I was playing a game. When I jumped it just restarted me to the end any help?

Which game? Might be lag.

FYI: this is technically off topic.

A game in kits. While I was playig.

Which one? Don’t look down?

Yes that one whenever I play it.

When you say “restarted me to the end”, what do you mean?

like it keeps going backward its really annoying.

Ohhh- so you’re getting teleported back to where you were a second ago?
Run this test, and tell me what the total packet loss percent is. If it’s a high number, that might be why you teleport so much.

As a further explanation, your position in the game gets sent to the server in little packets. But if some of those packets get lost along the way to the server, the server might think you’re in a different position than where you’re supposed to be, and teleport you to where it thinks you are. The site I sent sends some packets back and forth to see what percent of them get lost- if it’s a high number, then that’s why you’re getting teleported around in DLD.


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