Help we need ideas for a map in Super Battle Bros. - Super Battle Bros. Team

We need ideas for maps please put the name of it and a picture (optional)

hello, your game is really cool and i have ideas for characters and maps

@Spydecraft245 Please, share.

Mountainous hill
has rocks everywhere but is actually really small, some props don’t have collision and are in front of player so you can hide behind rocks. Also some rocks have cracks that you can crawl through to get to other places.

Good idea thank you, thanks for sharing

Your welcome! Glad to help, I might come up with more Ideas later.

and one of those places can be a secret room with op items.

Just so you know, I went on your map, you might want to add a camera view on the map select because I can see a grass area.

if memory can hold it all, lots of new characters with different speed and power boosts would be cool, like mewtwo with long range weapon and slight speed upgrade and marth with a powerful close range weapon(or even melee if thats possible but only the pickaxe is there so far) and temporary power and speed upgrades throughout the maps similar to the original smash bros.

new characters: universelord
abilities and gadget: if he gets attacked to much his starts raging and gets op for 15s. gadget:quatum portal (epic)

A space map could be cool.

i mean cracks = places

or maby a dinosaur map? if posible that is

How would you get the props for that unless you did a LOT of barrier art?

Gim Valley
Where It Peaceful and nice looking and meant for players that just started the game

What about Pokemon Staduim 2 from Smash Brawl?

Maybe Final Destination, just a basic flat floor for insane battles, possibly a reactor map where fog slowly closes in as players fight until one player is left, and just straight up Green Hill, a big semi circle in the ground with destructible pieces in the ground that fall off after enough damage.

Oh, you could make a game like where you have to continuously go a direction or di.e from going of the screen.

What about Shadow Moses Island from Smash Brawl, origin from Metal Gear Solid. When Solid Snake does a down taunt, he has a codec conversation with the Colonel, Mei Ling, and Otacon talking about the character there fighting. Snake has only one taunt, but if you quickly press down and A on your controller, this happens. (I love Solid Snake)

You could make a debuff choice, like less health and more damage, or more health and less speed.